Lantern Markings

Listed in this section are lanterns that have markings on them that refer to cities, counties, companies, etc.. If you have any lanterns that have markings other than the ones listed, feel free to e-mail me with the lantern model, lantern color and the exact marking on the lantern.


The Total Lanterns Listed Is Now At 1056

Plus 65 Smudge Pots

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A special thanks to George Vandercook for all the help he provided on the lantern markings. He will be missed but not forgotten. To keep a promise I made George, I have copied his trafficgard website and preserved his work on my website.  Be sure to check out this site and the list of markings on No. 40 Traffic Gard (Embury and Dietz) and Handlan 57 lanterns.


George Vandercook 2008

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